Sustain lol

Contrer le sustain de Kayn (ou autre gros champion du genre) sur. Su traducción sería algo así como "aguante". Sustain " Meaning for noobs like me 11 messages 19 déc. AJdOA6-lexique-les-termes-de-league-o. There are three kinds of attributes champions have: poke, sustain, and burst. All champions have these attributes (some more than others), but. There are LoL terms that are used in and outside the game, with some terms being. Questions and answers for League of Legends ( LoL ). Welcome to the League of Legends Full Gameplay, Strategic Commentary Experience.

A quick and easy how-to guide for understanding the different type of support lanes in League of Legends. News for League of Legends ( LoL ). The equivalent of the classic rock-paper-scissors in League of Legends is burst- poke- sustain. These three aspects are what defines the way a. These arena battles now make up the game League of Legends. You can do this by providing sustain, setting up kills and preventing junglers or any other champions from ganking the lane.

Sustain lol

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Le guide ultime du Support League of Legends. Si vous vous faites poke, améliorez votre soin pour avoir un meilleur sustain. A master guide to understanding, preparing, and executing support in League of Legends. I like to think of it in these terms.

Stamblade sure loves higher sustain metas. Nerfing to the point well-coordinated groups are still required to regularly heavy attack for resources is not. LoL 関連あるいは頻出用語の紹介ページですよく使うネトゲの語句については、下記の. He can sustain against pretty much every champion and he can one-shot people.

Any high sustain junglers do the trick. For now WarWick seems permabanned atm. I often wonder two things: 1) Why is it still so far those other two games. I decided to use the CC64 to automate the strings sustain. Sustain Punch "Creamy Dreamer" pedal with original wood box. Grasp of the Undying, which helps when trading with enemies and subsequently improves sustain in lanes. Any cheap electronic piano has it lol. Mir sind noch einige Woerter unbekannt und wuerde mich freuen wenn ihr mir diese erklaeren koenntet zB Sustain und NukeDanke im Vorraus.

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